C++-style casts

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  • const_cast is typically used to cast away the constness of objects. It is the only C++-style cast that can do this.
  • dynamic_cast is primarily used to perform "safe downcasting," i.e., to determine whether an object is of a particular type in an inheritance hierarchy. It is the only cast that cannot be performed using the old-style syntax. It is also the only cast that may have a significant runtime cost.
  • reinterpret_cast is intended for low-level casts that yeld implementation-dependent (i.e., unportable) results, e.g., casting a pointer to an int. Such casts should be rare outside low-level code.
  • static_cast can be used to force implicit conversions (e.g., non-const object to const object, int to double, etc.). It can also be used to perform the reverse of many such conversions (e.e., void * pointers to typed pointers, pointer-to-base to pointer-to-derived), though it cannot cast from const to non-const objects. (Only const_cast can do that.)

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2008/10/23 16:15 2008/10/23 16:15
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